Why do we buy Designer wear?



We all know, that we can live without it. We too know, that we would still look good and save a lot of money, if we just buy stuff from the all known highstreet favourites.
But we as the fashion addicts, the people who crave for fashion, live for it and even get problems paying rent because we needed to get those GUCCI LOAFERS, know it better.
You pay for design. You pay for the idea, the image that was created in the designers head while they were sketching that little thing in their notebook.
You see the campaign shoots, the editorials. They tell us a story, they tell us, this could be you, if you would wear that same thing. Wasn’t Cinderella only a princess the moment she wore her ball gown (or married the prince)? It might sound manipulating, at the end of the day, its just a simple dress or pair of ballerina flats, yes the ones you had to wear in your gym classes when you were 10 or any similar thing. But what you want is to slip into a different identity, a different reality, mood or place. Those Dolce&Gabbana shoes won’t rescue you from your boring 9 to 5 job, where nobody knows what these shoes are about. The only thing you get are some strange glances at your shoes. But you don’t care, because you know, that you look like a little Italian girl, who likes to drink espresso and lives in Sicily.
So that’s it. That’s all you want from those shoes. To get you away into a different place. And that’s simply fun. And if someone copies that image behind the product and the product itself and changes it a bit, it doesn’t fell authentic anymore. Clearly it isn’t authentic because it is a copy, but anyway. This might be one of the reasons why we find ourselves buying things that are totally overrated and expensive for others.
They give us the chance to live our dreams by day.
I hate this call up, but life is really too short to not buy those shoes.

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