When did looking amish become trendy?


I remember the very first time it popped into my mind, i was in NYC the first time ever, unlike my expectations we had temperature around 32 ℃ .  Céline already won over my heart with its 2012 AW collection and i started to sympathize more with mid-length skirts and minimalistic longsleeve shirts. It was a good year for me, stylistic improvement wise. So i started wearing a long white midi skirt with a little navy long sleeve over it and classic mary-janes. Walking down the street i realized i was looking different, i just couldn’t spot it. Surrounded by jeans-shorts, slogan shirts, pilot glasses and  flip-flops, everything just very americana i thought. They just like different things i guessed.

That fleeting thought just changed shortly after.

There they were, a group of 5 or 6 crossing the street, with the most wonderful wool woven mid-lengthed skirts, popped high white collars, classic mens loafers and small squared black leather bags. The visual manifestation of everything i was looking for in said days. It striked me that obviously showing too much skin, wearing too tight clothes and expressing these in extreme colour had never been a stylistic vision of mine. I already found the right way, for me, but that day i realized that looking amish, conservative or for some simply modest, expresses so much more than a typical summer look does. It is not a coincidence, that nobles and aristocrates exposed their wealth in form of fabrics and beautiful materials.

So here is some proof, that looking boring is the best, when done right. 2celine-summer2018-look17aceline-summer2018-look17bceline-summer2018-look10aceline-summer2018-look4aS18_JOOR41763_2000x143


All pictures by Céline, Joseph and Ellery.

3 Outfit Ideas To (still) Wear with a Turtleneck!


I can’t recall, when my deep dissatisfaction with scarves started. It must have been winter obviously and i probably must have been sick with tieing them around my neck plus making me look like i was a michelin man (not having a problem with looking like a michelin man in general). Its pretty tough to dress properly and not in jeans and sweaters constantly in winter, but adding a scarf to the already trash outfit didn’t make it any better. But how does one keep oneself warm and still look OK? Like the unexpected headline predicted. Turtlenecks!

Its scary how often i wear turtlenecks indeed. A non-qualified statistical review of mine confirmed that its about 90 percent. So apparently i needed to share my deep wisdom with the world and show you some ways to try!

Screenshot 2018-02-05 23.22.03

Screenshot 2018-02-07 21.27.56

Screenshot 2018-02-16 18.56.57

New Year equals New Style?


I do not know if it is a natural symptom to believe that style changes after new years. Something in our brains tell us, that a new period starts ( not just our braain, it’s a bit of a reality though huh?). Everything needs to be planned for the upcoming year. Bullet journals are taken out to start a more structured life. Fitness and health is being written with big letters. Family and friends is going to be spend more time with. Enthusiastic feelings should occur, just like when you know a new runway show is going online or those shoes you’ve been craving for, for weeks, will finally arrive in two days.  Still, it is more like a brew of feelings, mainly consisting of indifference and laissez-faire towards the future. Maybe it is the pressure of having to know yourself better now, getting older and also being compelled of knowing whats good right now (also in a materialistic-fashion kind of way). The only reason that sounds comprehensible is that we have an extreme urge to change ourselves now that the new year starts. It’s like somebody deleted everything before and we now get the chance to start from the bottom, concerning ourselves, our style or our habits. But that’s just the impression one gets. I will try my best like every year and i am also most certain that nothing will change at all. But except for the styles of course. Future habits of shopping unnecessarily follows below.



Screenshot 2018-01-01 23.16.23

Blazer: Balenciaga, Top: Joseph, Knit: Joseph, Jeans: Moussy, Bag: Calvin Klein 205W39NYC, Shoes: Celine, Earrings: Dannijo

Now that the highstreet-houses had enough time to copy. How much money is worth real design?


Do not ask your patent attorney. He will tell you how hard it is to protect your design. I just realized it today, now that the online shops are raising the number of their winter products.
Usually i recognize the copies with a mix of enthusiasm and happiness, but still questioning whether it is ok in that case or not, to „steal“ this design.
I mean, who even recognizes the copied pieces besides the fashion victims?
For others they just seem like the normal collection arriving to aw16.
But today, maybe the first time in history, i kind of felt sorry.
Not sorry for the companies, who still make enough money, even when getting copied.
But for the designers, the crew sitting behind all these ideas, projects and their working time to realize these designs. Does it make me want to buy the 1000 €  J.W. Anderson skirt instead of the 40 € Zara version? No. Does it make me not buy the Zara skirt? Yes.

On the other hand, if we just forget for a minute in what kind of crucial way these products are produced, fast fashion democratizes the consumption of designer fashion.
It gives you the opportunity to express yourself with these designs, even if you weren’t designated as a consumer. Who can tell the difference between a good mix of high-low fashion and an only high-end look? I guess nobody. So there is no difference anymore.
Everyones the same, so that the personal aspects in personalizing the fashion stands in the foreground.
To me, it is getting clearly more important to take design as itself more serious and question every copy i see. jwanderson-red-leather-skirt-with-buckle-product-0-502343890-normal73048803_99

Statement Coats are always a good investment


I know a monochromatic garderobe with a lot of black, grey, white and creme always looks good. It can look polished and sophisticated, just like those cool grandmas do, whos style you like to steal ( my secret stylestars). But nothing can compete with a cool statement coat, which usually costs just the same or even less because nobody dared to buy that freaking thing.As an outerwear addict like me, you spend your whole money on them, and keep the rest simple. A good shirt with a mom/dad/cousins/sisters jeans and a colourful coat over it and basta! Roksanda and Dries van Noten are killing it right now and thats it! People that come to my mind here are Leandra Medine, Miroslava Duma or Christine Centenera. Unfortunately these kind of coats really seem like an investment, but as a person who does not own a car. Isn’t your coat your car? The only thing that keeps you warm in winter and makes you look cool in summer? Yes, so what. Invest in a good one.

Alphabetically, after the babouche comes the ballerina


After the long lasting sneaker trend, which was the only possible wear of flat shoes for the past decade, we now have something a lot more sophisticated. Which i am personally a big fan of ( never wear sneakers, they got nice colors though).
I know many of you might remember them from the fifth grade gym classes, but now that we are a bit older, they somehow look differently.
If you are totally up to date, you will buy some with an elastic band and a little heel.
I think they occurred first to the ss 15 shows at Céline, but designers like Maryam Nassir Zadeh and Martiniano did already have good ones too.
I failed at buying my dream ballerinas at Cos last season, but now that they are (almost) mainstream, you can find them almost everywhere. I love the clean look they create, just like you tidied up yourself.
The nicest and most affordable ones are in the slideshow below, but I am still not sure whether or not to invest in a good designer pair, do you think its worth it?..

Everyday Buy/ Shoes that look like you know whos-the babouche


Here we have a few nice buys from our Highstreet Favourites, which will still make us able to pay tuition for the coming semester and wear shoes. I have seen many of these on many blogs already, but still am sure you won’t see too many of these on the streets. Even if you are oversaturated with looks and products on blogs, you usually do not get to see them on the streets, so even if you’re like…oh man everyones wearing it right now…think well yes…everyone on your instagram newsfeed.
But everybody outside will still be like, oh god what is she wearing again, is she Peter Pan?
Well, yes, i surely am.