It’s not officially sale season, but anyway. We still found some!


Without starting with all that talk about how important shoes and handbags are and what good investments one can make with them, because you will wear them for ages and how they will always be classics, i will deny it straight forward. Actually there are no good investments with designer shoes.

No shoe can be worth 900$. I know it. It does not make any sense. Not to humankind.
Still, though. I do not write this stuff to be rational or reasonable.
The only reasonable thing is, buying them when they’re on sale.
Which is officially not the case right now, buuuut some shops started, so why wait and why talk more, just look at what i found. All under 500$.


from up left to right: dorateymur, toga, j.w.anderson, givenchy, dorateymur, j.w.anderson
all via

from top left to right: marco de vincenzo, oscar de la renta, marni, marco again, rochas and again marco. i have this thing with ruffles.
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Things you don’t need, but will want to have.


If you want to look like you just left french riviera for some cool drinks at the little village bar. Wear.This.Scarf.Aka.Top.It will only cost 145 bugs. And you almost look like Grace Kelly.For sure.

I have seen MDS Stripes dresses and tops so often recently and was always wondering which super cool designers pieces they were. Eventually they are made by Mark D. Sikes and this guy has some true love affair with everything white and blue in striped versions.
I love it, it looks polished and summery. The opposite of the also common hippie style.
This top is actually a scarf. Fun fact.
Big Minus!!! They only do send in the US right now, but since they’re quiet hip right now i think they will expand really fast. Another chance is by buying from shops like
There own shop is